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I.T.F.F.A youth international
We would like to wish Jack Eagan and rest of the boys and girls on the Irish International youth team the very best of luck on their up and coming international match in Lough Lein Killarney. Jack is the team captain this year and we know they will leave nothing behind them in going for gold.
Youth Day: 13th August 2016
The first L.S.T.P.A youth day and BBQ is on Saturday the 13th August at the fisheries offices Killnahard and already is shaping up to be the best yet. This has turned out to be a fantastic day for the club with an increase in new youths coming along with the familiar faces returning every year. If you know of any boy of girl who might enjoy seeing a bit of fishing please bring them along. Along with fly casting, fly tying, a bit of fishing and a boat ride in the bay the L.S.T.P.A is very pleased to announce that John Lovett from Bird Watching Ireland will be on hand to give the kids a talk on the birds in and around Lough Sheelin. John is an extremely popular published author and has detailed works on the local and visiting birds that use Lough Sheelin and he has very kindly agreed to help the kids recognise the kind of birds they may see when on the water.

The day turned out to be another huge success with over 18 kids taking part and a lot of kids catching fish. The club were delighted to see a lot of new faces along with kids returning from previous years. The children were treated to a very special guest this year in the form of John Lovett from Bird Watch Ireland. John, a published author,gave the children a fantastic talk on the birds native and visiting which use the lake followed by our own club member John Murphy who shared his immense knowledge on the flora and fauna the kids will enjoy in and around lough Sheelin. Dermot Broughan from IFI really finished trilogy by taking along an aquarium to give the children a very special glimpse of what happens under the water. The kids were then treated to a fly tying demonstration by club member John Mulvaney who helps run the fly tying classes over the winter and fly casting lessons from club members.
To finish the day off the kids were taken out on the water to do a bit of angling then to cap it all off they were treated to a BBQ.

A massive thanks has to go to the club members who give up their time to help teach the kids and who also ferry them out onto the lake and also to Orla Fitzsimmons, Mary and Colm Lynch who worked tirelessly keeping bellies full and finally to Sheelin meats who sponsor us every year.
This is a free event and we couldn't run it without the help of everyone involved,
and best mention Thomas lynch, club secretary, who won the title of top boat man coaching Davin Reynolds and Conor Tynan who both caught fish.


The Youth Team









The L.S.T.P.A ran two youth days this year which turned out to be a huge success with a record number of children attending.
The first day took place on Glenkeen Trout Fishery Aughnacloy where the children got to experience first hand the thrill of the fight with some super rainbows.
The second day took place at the fishery offices killnahard where the kids got to experience the other aspects of fly fishing. We had casting lessons from two top A.P.G.A.I Casting instructors, fly tying lessons from our resident expert Thomas Lynch,
the kids then got a spin out on the lake by club members in their own boats and the day wouldnt be complete without a BBQ sponsored by Sheelin Meats which was cooked to perfection by our resident chefs, Mary and Colm Lynch.
A special mention has to go to the club members who take the time to show the kids the ropes, A.P.G.A.I for the casting lessons, Recrecational Angling Ireland, Sheelin Meats for the burgers and sausages, IFI for the use of their premises and not forgeting Mary and Colm Lynch.













The Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association actively promotes recreational fishing amongst younger fishermen, Fly fishing is an activity that lends itself to patience and character, often leading on to other healthy outdoor pursuits.
We have within the LSTPA a number of dedicated individuals, with a passion for teaching our younger members about recreational fishing and conservation.

This year we have seen a steady growth in the number of younger members showing a keen interest in both fishing and the conservation of our Loughs and Waterways

Goals of the LSTPA in the youth Fishing Program :-

  • To provide a meaningful and enjoyable fishing opportunity to local youth
  • To promote fishing as an alternative leisure activity
  • To offer educational elements such as angler ethics and water safety to local youth
  • To develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby

APGAI - Ireland were very pleased to play their part in a very successful Youths Day with the Lough Sheelin Anglers. The event took place on July 12th 2014 at the Inland Fisheries Ireland premises on the shores of the world famous Lough Sheelin with the support from R.A.I. Recreational Angling Ireland.

A total of 34 Boys and Girls took part in the Fly Casting, Fly Tying before been taken out on the lake to catch their first Wild Brown Trout. A number of trout were taken to the boat and released again to provide sport for another day. As the day was coming to an end a Barbecue was set up and provided very taste food for everyone that attended.

The youths that had fish to the boat all received their prizes and all youths received their certificate for taking part in the event. A free raffle also took place were 20 fly rods and other angling tackle was given to all the youths and everyone went home very happy.