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March 21st Kilroy cup.

Conditions were tough with very little wind and the size limit increased to 17 inches but congratulations go to John Brennan winning the Kilroy cup with a fish of 1.78kg. There were only 5 fish weighed in and the results were 1st John Brennan 1.78kg and 52cm long, 2nd Peter Boyle 1.68kg and 54.3cm, 3rd John Mullvaney 1.37kg and 49cm, 4th Cahill Rush1.37kg and 48.5cm, 5th Pat Foley 0.914 and 43cm.


August 8TH Mc Donnell Cup

Congratulations to Stuart Marry on winning the Mc Donnell cup. This competition was run on a catch and release basis and Stuarts fish measured 56.2cm Full list of results: 1st Stuart Marry, 2nd Dessie McEntee, 3rd Mark Dunne, 4th Albert Berry, 5th Darragh Murtagh, 6th Ciaran Noonan, 7th Barry Heartan and 8th Jack Eagan.


October 3rd Annual Stream Rehabilitation Competition.

Congratulations to Fergal McKiernan on winning the stream Rehabilitation Competition. A total of 270 anglers took part with a size limit of 16 inches 13 fish were weighed in. Conditions were woeful with flat calm conditions meeting everyone.

1st Fergal McKiernan 3.15lb 52.5cm, 2nd Matt Higgins 3.7lb 50.2cm, 3rd Ronan Meghan 3.6lb 49.5cm, 4th Frank Dempsey 3.4lb 52cm, 5th Ryan Huston 3.2lb 52cm, 6th Michael Browne 3.2lb 48cm, 7th Paul Lunney 2.14lb 46.5cm, 8th Gary Stewart 2.13lb 51cm, 9th Pat Greene 2.7lb 46.5cm, 10th Greg White 2.5lb 42cm, 11th Dessie McEntee 2.3lb 43cm, 12 Mick Dunne2.2lb 44cm, 13th Peter Roache 1.15lb 43.5cm.

The L.S.T.P.A could not run this competition with out the aid of our sponsors and in Particular McCabes Sheelin Boats who sponsor us a 19 ft boat every year and in total a prize fund of over £10,500 was up for grabs, please support our sponsors.